Jan. 6th, 2009

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Plague was apparently a 24-hour bug, so all is well again. To be fair - I spent about 16 of those hours doing my level best to sleep through it, and the other 8 or so either being sick or watching tv and being absolutely out of it with fever/meds (Speaking of tv: OMG, people - Grey's Anatomy? Even with a 40-degree fever, the soap-y-ness of it was unbearable! You watch this stuff sober??)

Sleeping through sickness really is my fallback position - it might help me get better faster, and hey, if it doesn't, at least I'm not conscious enough to feel miserable. Seems to have worked, in this case.

In terms of birthdays, to be fair, I've had better, though I've spent the last few hours feeling perfectly well, and curled up on my couch with some decent books and cups of tea. Life is beautiful again. And I have great friends. Just saying. :)


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