Jun. 10th, 2009

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Feel free to mock - I'm currently an hour and a bit early for my flight out of Philadelphia. I left Montreal at 6:30 am today. I was in the shower at 3:45. And, naturally, this is when my body kicks in and decides that cold symptoms are fantastic. (Ok, I can't say I blame it - I'm rather annoyed at today's schedule as well, and I won't get back to Montreal until 11pm tonight. Exhaustion! And feet, and back, and oww. why do men have all the sensible shoe-wearing business options?) Plus cold. And my laptop is out of power, and I need internet to keep me sane (and do follow-up from meetings), so I'm sitting on the floor next to a power-plug. In suit jacket, skirt, and heels.

Fortunately, the newspaper/snack store had decongestants and kleenex, so I'll probably survive until I get home. And crash.

I have no important meetings at the office tomorrow. After today's 20-hour workday, I'll be sleeping in, and "working" from home.


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