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1) I left the window open last night, and my room was cool and my duvet was warm and I slept so very well. It was glorious!

2) I've got a pile of super-cute t-shirts I've been wearing, and I feel really confident about them!

3) The haircut I got two weeks ago is now just the way I want it to be, and I love it! It's short and choppy and swishy all at once!

4) A friend brought over someone really interesting to breakfast on Sunday, and she lives a block away from me, and we're going to have tea tomorrow!

5) I have a PILE of interesting-looking books waiting to be read, and they all look so fascinating!

Also, happy 6-month birthday to Callum (the most adorable baby I know!)
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I realised that I use LJ to vent a whole lot. Which is cathartic, if not productive. So, if you don't mind, I'll be adopting [ profile] talyesin's "5 things I like" posts for a bit!

1) While it is raining today, last week and the weekend had gorgeous weather, and I enjoyed it more than I can probably express.
2) I'm getting out of work early tonight (well, before 8), and I'll have time to curl up on my couch with my cats and read.
3) My cats are the cuddlist cats I know, and I love it!
4) My sister (sarcastic brat that she is)will be coming to visit me this month. Fear us. It will be glorious.
5) My co-worker brought in homemade carrot cake today. Tasty!



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