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Yes, this would be Alec. 

Ok. So. I came home tonight, and the cat didn't meet me at the door. Which was weird. He then sat in the litterbox for 20 minutes. Weirder. And then went to curl up under the bed without coming over to get scrached and cuddled. ... So, I started worrying. And fetched him out. And his stomach was kinda hard.

So I freaked more. Called a few friends. Everyone told me to calm down (usually good advice - I worry way too much about my cat). But then I figured that if I wanted to sleep at all tonight, I should take him to see the vet. So I did. 

Right. So. Metro, strange-acting cat, vet. I figured, y'know, I was overreacting and such, but it was all gonna be ok. 

Yeah. Right.

Vet tells me, blocked bladder. Vet tells me they charge about 800 dollars to fix that. Vet also tells me that they can't do it tonight like it needs to be done (other possibility involves him being poisoned by his own waste, or the bladder exploding), refers me to an emergency clinic that DOES do emergency surgery in the evenings, and tells me to go see them. 

Am changing vets.

So, I take a cab to the other clinic, pay the second (3 times as large) consulting fee, get to see a very competent vet who explains to me exactly what the options and procedures are, and it turns out that the procedure that the other vet was advocating was one likely to make this thing happen again. (Am REALLY changing vets, you have NO IDEA.) So, I break down, cry, call my mother (to quote an ex, you do what you gotta do and sometimes what you gotta do ain't pretty), my mother tells me that "we'll take care of it" - I have the best mom EVER - and get surgery for the cat.

So, a few blood tests later, it is established that the bladder was distended to half the size of the cat, that it looks DREADFULLY uncomfortable, that there aren't any other cristals or things in his bladder that would require a repeat of this (thank FUCK), and that this is costing me/my mom over 1000$.

*sigh* I love my cat. And he's gonna be ok. And I am so unbelievably happy about that.

But to quote Em... 8 lives to go. May they not be quite this expensive!

(And then I went to Nic and Em's place, which is where I was supposed to be this evening, and had a semi-breakdown, and Em fed me supper and lots of sangria 'cause she rocks like that, and I have the best friends ever in the entire universe and they rock.)

And my kitty is gonna be ok!


*much, much relief*

And thanks, mom. For funding half of this. You ROCK.  

Also, recs for decent (ideally reasonably priced, but competent being the most important consideration) vets in the Montreal area would be appreciated, given that I am NOT GOING BACK TO THE INCOMPETENT PLACE. 

Cat. Get better. Please. And stop giving me nervous breakdowns at a moment's notice - I can't take it anymore!

*deep breath*


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