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Remix of Twilight with Buffy. And it highlights EXACTLY what my issues with Twilight were, and why Buffy is, as always, the ideal solution.

Thank you, vid-makers.
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Sleeping in.

Day off.



(More coffee)

Kitten curled up on my foot.

Good book.



Life is GOOD sometimes, y'know?
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I get migraines. They hurt, they suck, they make me nauseous, I've passed out before.

One of the main triggers is scents (flowers - especially lillies, perfume, strongly scented shampoos/deodorants, air fresheners... you name it). Usually, if I wake up with a migraine, I can take meds, but I'll tend to stay home because the smells outside the house make it pretty much impossible to function, whereas my house is fairly smell-proof (avoid the bathroom and kitchen, and there's nothing perfumed).

Today, though? I have a cold. I can't smell ANYTHING.

The migraine meds kicked in. And they work. Completely. This is BRILLIANT.
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Feel free to mock - I'm currently an hour and a bit early for my flight out of Philadelphia. I left Montreal at 6:30 am today. I was in the shower at 3:45. And, naturally, this is when my body kicks in and decides that cold symptoms are fantastic. (Ok, I can't say I blame it - I'm rather annoyed at today's schedule as well, and I won't get back to Montreal until 11pm tonight. Exhaustion! And feet, and back, and oww. why do men have all the sensible shoe-wearing business options?) Plus cold. And my laptop is out of power, and I need internet to keep me sane (and do follow-up from meetings), so I'm sitting on the floor next to a power-plug. In suit jacket, skirt, and heels.

Fortunately, the newspaper/snack store had decongestants and kleenex, so I'll probably survive until I get home. And crash.

I have no important meetings at the office tomorrow. After today's 20-hour workday, I'll be sleeping in, and "working" from home.


May. 4th, 2009 09:42 am
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I'm foi_nefaste over at Dreamwidth, as well.
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I'm at my desk.

To my left, there is a window. Outside said window (and about 8 floors down), they are drilling up the pavement.

To my right, there is a maintenance guy drilling holes in the hallway ceiling.

My last nerve? Is getting rather tattered and frayed.
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Library Thing is pretty awesome, but I can think of a few features that'd be really handy to associate with it. Does anyone know of a comparable system anywhere else?
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My throat is sore, and I feel crappy.

That's all the update you're getting. Something more cheerful may be heard once I feel better.
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My mother linked me to this 'cause she thought it was funny, but I do genuinely understand how the writer feels:
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I’m reading an essay about the Jewish history and sacred texts called Whose Stories Are They? here:

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. Not being Jewish (or, for that matter, Christian), I don't necessarily feel that I'm as involved in the discussion as other people could be. I don't have a strong religious background, and I'm not as familiar with the stories as the writer obviously is.

However. I'm pointing out this essay because I think the way it is written is beautiful. I think it adds to the current debate about cultural appropriation. I think it's a perspective I haven't often heard from when talking about either the Bible or cultural appropriation and, while I'm not sure what to do about that, I do think more people should read this essay. So, erm... go. Read. Let me know what you think?


Jan. 7th, 2009 02:37 pm
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I'm looking for recommendations. Anyone?
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Plague was apparently a 24-hour bug, so all is well again. To be fair - I spent about 16 of those hours doing my level best to sleep through it, and the other 8 or so either being sick or watching tv and being absolutely out of it with fever/meds (Speaking of tv: OMG, people - Grey's Anatomy? Even with a 40-degree fever, the soap-y-ness of it was unbearable! You watch this stuff sober??)

Sleeping through sickness really is my fallback position - it might help me get better faster, and hey, if it doesn't, at least I'm not conscious enough to feel miserable. Seems to have worked, in this case.

In terms of birthdays, to be fair, I've had better, though I've spent the last few hours feeling perfectly well, and curled up on my couch with some decent books and cups of tea. Life is beautiful again. And I have great friends. Just saying. :)


Jan. 5th, 2009 11:02 am
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I'll be "working from home" this afternoon.

Which translates as, I have too much work to actually call in sick today, but I feel like I'm starting that stomach flu that's been going around lately.

Ugh. Nauseous is NOT a good feeling.
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So instead of finishing work, tidiying up the house in preparation for tonight's gathering, or acting like a reasonable person, I'm online and paying for my attendance at this year's World Con.

... self-control? Surely you jest.
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Happy holidays, everyone!
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My brother is currently sitting on the heater beside my couch and mumbling something about "heating up his pants".

I'd be sniggering a lot more vocally if I didn't think that he was too tired to listen to what he's saying.
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Sushi coma...
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