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I was procrastinating on writing that essay for the better part of the evening (on the plus side, the dishes are done and I can find my bedroom floor again). I was halfway through it and being vaguely depressed over the entire deal (1984 is possibly the most depressing book I currently own. Ick) when the phone rang. And so, I spent the better part of the past 45 minutes on the phone with Morris, which was lovely. The geek thing? Rocks. Thanks. :)


Oct. 10th, 2005 07:37 pm
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The weekend was, as usual, a mix of frantically busy and random wandering. Minus the schoolwork I was supposed to be doing, so, erm... Oops?

I met up with a friend on Friday evening, we hung out, had dinner, saw a movie (that one with Al Pacino - Two for the Money, I think the title is) which was semi-decent, from what little attention I actually paid to it. So, we eventually came home and went to bed, saw another friend of mine the next day (note: people, when you say 'I'll see you Saturday, and I might need a place to crash', I expect you late-afternoon-ish, evening-ish. Showing up before lunch, however, is a fair guarantee that I'll be doing something else, and does not entitle you to laugh at me in any way, shape, or form. Roommate dear, this includes you) and actually didn't do anything particularly productive, but it was fun anyways. So, yay. He left early Sunday afternoon, and I kinda like this, generally.

John and I left Montreal to go to Granby mid-afternoon on Sunday, for Thanksgiving dinner and to see my granddad at the hospital. So, thanks John, moral support was needed - he's doing horribly badly, can't sit up, can barely talk, I had to feed him his applesauce... Ugh. I HATE seeing him like that. I really do. He's... a wonderful man, and someone I deeply respect, and the entire situation just plain SUCKS. I'm going to try to go up there on Thursday - I finish classes early-ish, and I start again late on Friday. Because as difficult as it is, I kinda need to be there. And, at this point, the doctors are saying this week or next week, tops, and.. yeah. Sorry, but schoolwork and random last-minute paperwork from The Idiots I Work With aren't really a valid reason to stay here, y'know?

Once visiting hours were past, and dinner was done, we went up to Sherbrooke, hooked up with some friends for beer ([ profile] coach_kat included), and just generally had a good time... ended up crashing at another guy's place along with John, woke up after 4 hours of sleep, caught the bus to Montreal (by a hair - the bus driver was veryveryvery nice and waited for me to get my ticket before leaving), and started doing all the things I HADN'T done this weekend. Like, oh say, about 800 pages of reading, and a huge pile of paperwork. Sooo, yeah. I like three-day weekends, if only because they let you avoid schoolwork so much longer. ;)

Erm... this week will be rather busy. I have the Writer's Circle on Tuesday (they're helpful, and fun, and interesting, and I actually do get something out of it), the NaNo get-together thing on Wednesday (Jan? If you want your books...), and getting my arse up to Granby on Thursday, if Granddad is ok to see people then. So... yeah. Erm. Anyone who desperately wants to talk to me can call my apartment or e-mail - I'm not trying to cut people out, but, yeah. Erm. Not such a good week, especially with the amount of work I have to do, the family commitments, and... erm... yeah. Calling is good. I want to stay in touch, even if I'm not actually seeing people all that much.

Oh, and Karen Connelly FINALLY put out the novel she's been promising, and it looks quite intriguing, and I WANT it a whole bunch, but it's expensive (well, hardcover-priced)... and, more important at this point, I don't have the time to read it, not at all. But, Emma? Go check it out.
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I'm not sure what I'm doing, what the reasons are, whether anything is a good idea, what's going on, or even what I want. If anyone can enlighten me in a way other than saying 'time will tell' (which is, at the moment, the only thing I can see that might, and patience is not my strong point), then please, do.

In other news, I hung out with [ profile] ringthebells yesterday (and she's veryvery fun, and quite geeky, and fannish, and I do appreciate her), went to see Serenity with [ profile] em_fish and another person - and it ROCKED - (and [ profile] felis_ultharus, what happened? I called twice, I know Em called once, and we waited for you for a bit and you didn't show... *sigh* Phone issues? Anyhow... Gravitation night. Monday or, if that doesn't work, Friday. Erm. We might want to clear that in advance, this time. And... Serenity was good. Eventually, you should see it. I'd be willing to re-watch, if that'll be an incentive... ). Went to breakfast today, and now I'm going to work on a paper with a girl from my women's studies class. Who knew? I have a life! And I'm getting stuff done! And... yeah.

And, erm, Kat? Msn? Tonight? PLEASE?


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