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Conscious me: Ok, morning now. Wake up!
Brian: f'get it. *rolls over and goes back to sleep*
Conscious me: No, really. The alarm clock rang. And we're awake, showered, and I've fed you three cups of coffee already. Up!
Brain: You gotta be joking. *snores*
Conscious me: Ok, we've been at work for three hours now. There's a ton of documents do finish. Start functionning already!
Brain: Guh. NuUH. Not happening.
Conscious me: ... more coffee.
Conscious me: ... *poke* Awake now? Please? If I feed you?
Brain: *peeks out, takes one look at the paperwork that has launched a direct attack and taken over the desk, rolls over, and goes back to sleep*
Conscious me: Numbers. Lots of them. Gods, I want sleep.

And yes, this is the summary of my day. Proving that maybe I should think about working less than 13 hours a day and sleeping more than 5 hours a night. On the flip side, there is overtime pay and less time spent with family arguing boundaries.
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I went to today's business meeting. There was only one study to be discussed, and for some reason, the people there made sense (at least in the getting-work-done way), and so the meeting was over in slightly more than half an hour. Which is fabulous - it means that, since I'm running on 2 hours of sleep (and this is entirely my fault, but I wasn't tired last night and knew I'd be able to go back to bed after the meeting), I'm now able to curl up in bed an hour before I thought I'd be able to. Life is good.

Although, when I'm tired and it's early in the morning, I'm pissy. Which is when being in a room with a bunch of old men making sexist jokes isn't a good idea. Which is when I tend to roll my eyes over comments about spelling and things that will be dealt with elsewhere. Which is when one lawyer's comments about the random things in her life make me want to SCREAM (granted, she's friends with some of the people there, so they might actually give a damn, but... gah!). Basically, this is when I lack any HINT of patience. Thankfully, though, I can bullshit or ignore well enough to hide that until I get home, say 'that went by fast', e-mail the documents and notes to the office, and crawl back into bed. Lazy? Who, me?
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In a rather unexpected way, The Incompetents I work with have done it again - except this time, they've arranged things to my distinct advantage without my having to ask for it. How pleased am I? Oh yeah. In other words - that meeting I needed to get to Toronto for? Needed another pharmacist/pharmacologist, the one from the Toronto committee couldn't make it, and so they got the one from the Montreal committee to say he'd attend by phone conference. Which means that I got a phone call last night asking me very nicely to please attend the meeting from this phone conference, that it would be easier for everyone to do so, etc, etc...

I love it when things suddenly fall into place around me without any particular effort on my part. I really do. Cheers.
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Busier than I thought...

Tuesday: Paper due. Business meeting. Supper/coffee/anime/whatever with [ profile] sandman7 in the evening.
Wednesday: Classes, reading that needs to be done, lunch in Chinatown with [ profile] ringthebells, NaNo meet in the evening.
Thursday: Midterm (before which I need to read another two novels). Coffee with [ profile] felis_ultharus, who I haven't seen in a while. Supper and movies with friends, if all works out.
Friday: Business meeting. Then seeing A History of Violence with a friend, if I'm lucky, because I really want to see that movie, and, erm, yeah.
Saturday, Sunday: Various mishmashes of birthdays, halloween parties, samhain rit, NaNo start-up thing... Erm. Yeah.

... If I've forgotten anything with anyone, please let me know. I've been horribly out of touch lately due to midterms, papers, the thing with my Granddad, and the thing with That Guy, so I'm kinda trying to see people I haven't managed to see in weeks. Cheers to friends!

Also, for the record: I cannot load hotmail on my computer. This sucks. This will get fixed Very Soon Indeed. However, until then, The Idiots at work apparently sent documents to the hotmail account (when I had SPECIFICALLY sent out an e-mail asking for the documents for tomorrow's 7am meeting to be sent to my Yahoo, when I EXPLAINED that I couldn't access Hotmail). I am thus Very Annoyed. And [ profile] felis_ultharus and [ profile] montrealais are saving my butt by letting me come over and access those documents from their place. Thanks, guys. You rock. Really. :)


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